Monday, August 25, 2014

More time at the MTC

This is our district with our afternoon teachers.
Sister Yazzie, Us, Sister & Elder Ladle, Brother Carver
Sister & Brother Burns, Brother & Sister Prince
We had a great district and we all got to teach each other.
There is lots of role-playing that was hard for us all.
We have become good friends through it all!!
Ladles are going to Scotland/Ireland as Area Family History Specialists.
Burns are going to Canada Vancouver as Office Specialists.
Princes are going to New York, New York South as Office Specialists.
We, of course, are going to DR Congo, Lubumbashi Mission as Member/Leader Support Missionaries.

Here is a great couple we met here from Lethbridge.
Elder and Sister Gordon
We soon found out that Sister Gordon is Larry Lowry's sister.
That makes her our daughter-in-law, Mandi Draper's aunt.
That was so fun to make the connection and then when we did we saw Larry every time we saw her.
What wonderful people they are!!
They are serving in the Canada Halifax Mission.

This is one of the favourite places here at the MTC, the cafeteria.
We spend a lot of our time here!
The food is good and the chocolate milk is to die for!
It is an endless sea of missionaries and no one goes hungry!!

We went downtown on our Preparation Day, Saturday.
This is the Provo Tabernacle that is being renovated to become a temple.
They already have the Angel Moroni on top and it is beautiful!!

It was gutted by a fire but the shell remains.
The spires are also very beautiful.

It is hard to see with all the scaffolding but the walls are all beautiful brick 
and haven't been changed from when it was the Provo Tabernacle.

Here I am in front of the lovely gardens.
The flowers have a beautiful fragrance that fills the air.
This is the walkway from our 'royal suite' to the cafeteria.

This is another picture of the gardens.  
The sun is shining but it is also raining a little.

A very polite young elder was holding the door for us to go into the Devotional tonight.
His name is Elder Clinger.  We asked him if he knew Edith Clinger.
She was a missionary we served with for quite a few months in Florida.
He was very excited to say, "That's my sister!!"
It's been fun to meet people who know people we know.
We just visited with his sister last week at the Kapp's house.  
She is the beautiful red-head in one of the first pictures.

We took this picture from a blog that the Clawsons have kept.  
They are a couple now serving in the Congo.
We thought maybe our grandchildren would like to try this.
Doesn't it look fun?
We might have to find another couple if we need sleep during one of our lay-overs to the Congo.  ;)

We have had a wonderful Sabbath here.  We attended a French Sacrament meeting.
I could understand a lot of the words that were said.
That was a pleasant surprise for me.

Our devotional tonight was great!!
It is fun to sing with all the missionaries.  
The hymns they choose have such meaningful words.
Music fills the air.
Brother Allen, managing director of the missionary department for the church,
gave wonderful counsel to all the missionaries.
We really enjoyed his message.
He kept us all engaged as he spoke.

We were to leave the MTC tomorrow morning
 but the last leg of the trip did not have our flight secured.  So.... 
we are staying here until Wednesday and then we're off!!
Staying here is better than sitting in an airport in Johannesburg, South Africa for two days.
We can hardly wait.

Happy Birthday to Carter Hornberger, our grandson, 
who just received the Aaronic Priesthood today.
We'll call him Deacon Carter.  
We are so pleased!!
He'll be going to serve in the temple this week.  
How happy we are for his fine example!
We love you Carter and the other 22 of you too!!!


  1. Great post! Sounds like you've had a great week at the MTC, I'm sure you'll enjoy the 2 extra days as well!

  2. So exciting to see the Provo Tabernacle transform into a temple. I would absolutely love it if I could take my kids to the openhouse!!!