Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Missionary Training Center, Provo, Utah "We're here!!!"

We had a great little mini-reunion with friends from our first mission - the Florida Tampa Mission from  2010-2012
We surely love these people and are so happy we were able to serve together.  We love you dearly.
Neil & Glenda, Nikita Wright, Edith Clinger, 
Sister & President Summerhays (our mission president)

At the famous map pointing to our mission.
The Democratic Republic of the Congo, Lubumbashi Mission
We are excited to go!  We can hardly wait!!!

We found the picture of our new Mission President and his wife,
President Brent Thomas and Sister Carolyn Thomas
We are so pleased to serve with them!!

At dinner tonight we were sitting visiting and look who we found - 
Sister Alita Salmon (from our home ward in Calgary) who is off to Japan in a few weeks.
She is doing great and is loving it here.

We've meet some nice couples here.  There are some going to Halifax, Texas, Brazil, Phillipines, Vietnam, South Africa, Germany, Finland and a whole bunch of them are going to Hawaii.
We all feel so sorry for the Hawaiian missionaries, how unfortunate for them!  :)
Everyone moaned when they heard that we are going to the Congo but that can't damper our spirits!


  1. So fun that you saw Alita Salmon! And your last Mission President and wife! (and the Kapps and other missionaries, etc.). Always fun to see people we love. It's so funny that people feel sorry for you that you're going to the Congo but you're actually really excited! Good for you! Grandma Draper would be so proud of you. (Speaking of someone who loved an adventure and didn't let her spirits damper!) I definitely feel left out and want in on a little more of the excitement. (This is how I felt when Emily went to Madagascar on her mission!) I guess I'll have to just follow the blog (not nearly as much fun).

  2. Alita is old enough to go on a mission?! I was her nursery leader!

  3. How fun to see Alita in the MTC! You definitely have the coolest mission call, no reason to ever feel down about that! Enjoy some yummy MTC food for us, mmm....

  4. Taelor - "I love your pink shirt Grandma!!"