Thursday, July 30, 2015

We went to the District Conference in Kolwezi with the President and Sister Thomas.
We both had the opportunity to speak in the Conference.
It is stressful to speak in a foreign language.  
The good thing was that we had it translated into Swahili 
so I could say a sentence in French and prepare for the next sentence 
while he was translating to Swahili.  
It's not quite as rattling as just going for it in french.

After the Conference I took some pictures.

This beautiful sleeping baby girl has the most beautiful eye lashes.  
No one here needs to have an eyelash curler.  They are already done.

Every here likes the bright colors.  
Even the men join in with their bright colors.

These little girls were anxious to pose for a picture.
I actually ended up taking about 5 to make them happy.
They wanted their pictures taken over and over again.

I loved this little fellow.  He is so darling.
What a precious little face and expression.
Look at the little fellow in the grey suit with shorts sleeves in the background.
Isn't he darling?

Aren't her bangs gorgeous?  Talk about neat and tidy hair!!
She is dressed up to nicely with her beautiful dress too.

This little guy was such a charmer!!
He has the most beautiful teeth.

This little gal was quite shy but felt safe enough for a picture holding her mother's hand.

The choir that sang for the Sunday session of Conference.
They didn't have a pianist but when the conductor saw me he asked if I would play for them.
I played for the whole Sunday session.
After we rehearsed on Saturday evening following the Adult Session of Conference, 
the women all got new matching shirts to sing in.  
Choir uniforms are a big thing here in all the churches. not just ours.  

Emmanuel is a man who works in our office managing apartments.  
This is his brother and his brother's son.
It was so nice to meet them.  We love Emmanuel!!

This little girl had such a cute hair style.
Many of the little girls have extensions braided into their hair, even the babies.
This little girl's extensions look like they may be made out of yarn.
I watch the hair styles partly because I am making little dolls 
and I love to put different hair styles on them.

This family is getting ready to leave the church after the conference.
The woman in pink is his wife holding their baby.
I'm not sure if she'll try to get on the bike also or if he'll come back for her.
The most we have seen riding on one bike is 7, I think.

She is just precious!!  The bangles in her hair are so cute.

Here is our President with Sister Thomas and Elder Enock Ilunga Mukundi.

It seems like the children would all like to do a special pose for their pictures.
This is her pose.  It was so cute.  
Every time she thought I might be taking her picture she squatted down into this position.  
I love her hair!!

This girl chose to do the same thing.
She is beautiful and her dress is so pretty.
I don't know how they keep their clothes looking so clean when you see how they live.
It's amazing.

These two young men watched me for a long time.  
I'm glad I got their pictures too.
Serious young men!!!

I continue to find such joy in spending time with the children.
They are so serious for their pictures and then when they see themselves on the camera they laugh and laugh and run around.  How can you not love children?

We treasure all the great experiences we have!!

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