Thursday, July 30, 2015

A few extra pictures

These are a few pictures that didn't work on the last blog.

In the Kolwezi hotel, the door to our room going to the outdoors.
Not so good against a cold north wind.  Good thing we don't have those here.
We did, however, have a few men sitting right outside our door 
talking rather loudly to all hours of the night.
It was very noisy!!
This is how most things are built here though.

This picture is of that same road we were trying to drive down and could hardly find a place to go.
The picture doesn't do justice to the ruts. ... just saying!!

Our little man in the grey suit is so adorable!!
Don't you love his shirt?

This is a picture of the family before the girls started squatting for their own pictures.
What a beautiful family!!!
I love the girl's hair!

Isn't she sweet?
They braid patterns into their hair on their heads.
I love her questioning look!  She has such beautiful skin!

This little gal was so very shy.
She is so cute but I couldn't get her expression to change for anything.
I really liked her cute outfit!

Her mom sang in the choir.  (matching shirts)
This is a good example of the little ones hair with extensions when they are ever so small. 
 Isn't she cute?

Elder Bontamba is with the President and Sister Thomas in this picture.
He has a tie on that all the missionaries have as a gift form President McMullen, 
the former mission president.  
We have been asked to not give them gifts though.  
I can see the wisdom in this.

I hope you enjoy the photos.

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