Friday, June 26, 2015

Music and Our Pet Bird

We had a very fun Musical Program in the Lubumbashi Stake last Saturday.
We thought we should go a little early because we didn't know when the missionary choir was going to sing or where they wanted us to sit.
We arrived about 1/2 hour early and this is what we found.
They are a Primary Choir.
The children were all there sitting in place and were behaving very well with only one leader there with them.  Sister Thomas is standing behind the children on the right and her son, Zac, who is here visiting is standing against the wall, the white guy.  haha
Elder Draper is sitting over to the left.
There was no one there to give us any direction.
The people here don't worry too much about time.  By the time we were 1/2 hour into the program, it was a pretty full audience.  As people kept coming and just filling in the seats these children were sitting about 3 to a seat which is normal for them.  The fun thing is that they set the rows with about 6 - 12 inches between them so you have no leg room.  Thomas' were going to sit back there but decided to come over to the front row by us so Zac had some leg room.
Even our missionaries were all late.  When they would ask for the next choir to sing then they would just come from wherever they were to the front.
It is a very relaxed attitude here.  
The next day we had another Musical Concert in the Katuba Stake.
We participated in that one too.  
At least the missionaries were on time for that one and 
we even had a few minutes to practise before hand.

Aren't they darling children?  They love having their pictures taken and like to shake hands with us.
How can you not love each and every one of them.  They are beautiful!!!  
Notice the one little boy with a question at the left.  They are so well behaved!!!

This is a little family group that sang for the program.  They were so cute.  There is also another boy but the conductor is standing in front of him.  He is a little younger than the girls.  The tiny girl and little boy know all the words.  They were so darling!!!  Such cute little faces!!

This is another Primary group from a ward in the Stake.  The young girl in front is leading this little Primary choir.  Notice her slender legs.  Many Congolese people are so so slim!!
The Stake President is sitting on the side against the stage.  His counsellor is beside him.
Many of the Primary choirs were conducted by a small child!  They do that even when they sing in Sacrament Meeting.  The children lead the children.  I love it!!

We were on our way to church and pulled up behind this transport.  I took the picture of the back door that was shut but not fitting very well.  Oh well, no worries for them.  Fun sights in the Congo.

We have been so lucky to have this little birdie adopt us as her friend.
She built her nest on our balcony up by the roof and she visits with us each day.
Here she is peeking in the window at us.

She comes each morning early to wake us.
She is here even before I open the curtains and is pecking at the window to say 'hello'.
I snuck a quick picture of her.

Here she is with her mate.  I put a little 10 grain cereal out for them to eat.
He never comes over to the window, only she does.

Here she is on the door to the balcony off our bedroom.
She is saying hello.

She's tapping on the window.  She does this on and off all day long.

I love to walk into the room and see just her head peeking over the bottom of the door.

She will twist and turn her head around as she looks and pecks.  I love watching her.

I love animals and she has drawn my attention to her so now I look for her everyday.

She is sitting on the wall of the balcony looking over the back patio.

This is her mate.  I think he is beautiful!!

Here they are together.  They have built a nest just above the door of the balcony in a tiny little spot.  When they fly up to their nest there are lots of little voices chirping.
This is the closest thing I have here to a pet and I enjoy them, especially her!!  
My grandchildren are going to name her.
Every creation is wonderful!!!

These are 2 wonderful missionaries. 
 They have both been in our English class and I love them both.  
They are from Madagascar.  I think serving in Madagascar would be a great mission.  
All of our missionaries we have from there are kind and helpful and willing to work.
He is Elder Rakotondrabe and she is Sœur Niakaniany.
There names in Madagascar are very long.  
He has now been called as a Special Assignment missionary 
to help teach the District leaders about who to have Ward Councils.
We also have an Elder Rakotoalison, Sœur Raharinjaka and Sœur Randrianirina.
This is on the church lawn.  See there is grass here in places.

I went shopping with Elder and Sister Davis to buy towels and umbrellas.
This is the store they go to for those items.
When the missionaries arrive here we have to give them supplies and the Davis' take care of this.  
They will be leaving in October and so I went with them to learn where things are.
We give them sheets, a blanket, a pillow, a mosquito net, a towel, a Seychelle bottle for purifying water anywhere (you are supposed to be able to take water from the ditch and drink it with this bottle), a battery operated light to give them light in the evenings in their homes (most do not have electricity), coloured pencils to mark scriptures, and an umbrella.  I may be missing something.  They are so poor they come with no supplies and the church takes care of this for them.
The towels we bought were on the top shelf here
so he had to stand on the counter and reach way up to get them down.  
It is interesting to shop in the Congo.

This is a display of some of the things they have to sell.

Another display of the buttons they have to sell.
You can see the counters that they work on - just rough wood painted.

Life in the Congo is so different than life in Canada.
As a matter of fact, there isn't much about it that is the same.
It has been such in interesting experience to be here.
We're having the time of our lives!!  We're so grateful for this experience!!

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