Friday, June 26, 2015

A few photos in June.

I was sitting in my office one day and just looked out the window and this is what I saw.
The world is a beautiful place.

I love the beauty in all the vegetation that is here.
This is in the middle of winter.

These are a group of new missionaries.
The Assistants are in the photo too as well as the Special Assignment Missionaries.
Elders Eboule (AP), Kapanda (SA) Musadi, Kanyandu, Mukadi, and Tona

These are the rest of them in the group except one who didn't get in the picture.
You'll notice the sign that hangs over the Mission Office.
That is about as professional as it gets here.
These missionary names are:
Elders Ntoya, Beya (behind), Sœur Mambembe. 
Elders Guei, Ngeleka, Ntambwe, Lutumba (AP) and Elder Rakotondrabe (SA)
They are a good group.
Aren't they beautiful and handsome?

I had to show you the picture of this tree that has just lost its leaves.  
In two weeks it will look like the tree to the left. 
 Two weeks ago the tree to the left looked like the tree in the middle.
That's what winter is like here.
I took this picture from my balcony on the back of the house. 
 We have horses in that field as well.  I sure love to hear them whinny.
We are lucky to have a balcony on the front and the back of our apartment.
It's nice to have a small view.

This is the backyard of the Sister's House.  Sister Vance lives here.
She likes to sit outside the back door in the sunshine in her nice little backyard.
It's a beautiful little palm tree.  I like it the best of all the trees in the compound.

This is our little garden we planted of tomatoes, lettuce, peppers and swiss chard.
It was fun to grow a few vegetables.
Isn't the lettuce pretty?

This cluster of bamboo trees is right behind the Davis' house just outside our compound.
They are beautiful and it's nice to listen to them creek in the breeze.

Here are our Sisters.
Sisters Anthony, Vance and Cook
They love to sing and perform.
They got those shirts made especially for their performance today.

Actions come with all their songs.  They are so cute.
This is a Family Home Evening at their house.

I wish I could remember what was being said here.  Look at Sister Vance's face.  haha
They are all 3 of them very fun!!

They sure got along well and we enjoyed them all.
"Ta Da" - the Grande Finish!!!

Lubumbashi has a Time Square.  I bet you didn't know that before.
Notice how they ran out of room before they got to the final "E" 
so they just painted it small to fit it in. 
 Typical of how things are done here. 
 No planning just work it as you go. 
 There is lots to smile at here.

This is on the same rose bush outside my office window.
I love the blossoms!!

We have quite a few of these beautiful little blue blossoms.

I don't know what this tree is called but I call it the 'Bottle Brush" tree.
Interesting flower, eh?
We had these in Florida too.

This flower grows on bushes and is prolific.
They are beautiful!!

A group of the same flower.

This is how they grow and they are EVERYWHERE!!
It is spectacular!!

These flowers look like white feathers growing in the greenery.  
I love all the green.
This is in the beginning of winter too.

We are losing Sister Anthony.  Her time is up and she is returning to Washington State.
This is all of us Senior Missionaries.
Left to Right:  Elder & Sister Mikesell (he is our doctor and she works on the finances)
Elder and Sister Davis, our humanitarian couple.  They are amazing!!  We have become very good friends.
Sister Vance, Sister Anthony and Sister Cook with Sister Thomas and President Thomas behind them.
Then you have me and Elder Draper on the right end.
Not one of us was trained to work in the office but we manage. ... barely!

Steve is the Davis' translater when they got out to meet with people.  He is a great guy.  
This is good with Sister Anthony looking up. 
 We always tease her about her size.  This really shows it off.

Emmanuel who works in the office and Sister Anthony.
Emanuel takes care of all the apartments in the mission which is a huge job 
especially here in this country.
He is just a very big little boy with an infectious laugh and we all love him dearly!!!

This is one of our guards, Skamon (pronounced Scammo), with Sister Anthony.
He is a wonderful man who helps us so much.  We love him!!

Our crop off the vines.
There were more than this but I didn't think to take a picture until now.
We saved them all in our kitchen and everyone just came in and took what they wanted when they wanted it but they had to be taken off the vines.  They did all turn red. 
Note the two peppers, one green and one purple.

Men cut the grass in large fields with the hand scythe.  Here you can see their work partly done.
It is lots of work and it is hot during the day when they are working.

I hope you enjoyed the few pictures in these last couple of blogs!!
We are healthy and happy and enjoying everything here.
We can hardly believe how fast the time is going.
We only have less than 8 months left.
My goodness, I better go and get to work.  

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