Wednesday, February 11, 2015

A few photos à partager!

I had too many pictures to get on the last blog so here they are.

We drove out to Kipushi for church one Sunday.  They meet in this building.  
The grounds were so beautiful.  The people were wonderful.

This is the flower on one of the trees in the front yard.
We were there nice and early so we had quite a nice time looking around.

This was just walking into the building.  
You can see that many of the tiles are missing but the floor is clean.

This is a classroom in the church.  I like the detail they painted into the door.

This is one church that was organized before everyone got there.
The rooms were set up nicely.  This is the Primary room.
In many wards, when the children come into Sacrament Meeting they bring their little colourful chairs with them and sit in the aisles by their parents.

This also is the Primary room.  What really impressed us was the recorder in the corner on the table was playing beautiful Primary music so the Spirit was there when the children got there.
I have never seen this anywhere else so we really noticed it.

This is the chapel.
You'll notice the sound system here.
At least the microphone in this chapel will stand on its own.
In the chapel we go to regularly has a microphone that will fall over if you breathe too hard.
Then you have to catch it.  No one seems to mind.

This little keyboard is the only instrument they have.
I play on one that is smaller than this and you have to sit it on a table.
When I pull the chair up to play I am sitting low and my hands are up around my ears.  haha
No one minds ... we just use what we have.

This is looking the other way in the chapel.  You can see there are fans mounted on the walls.
That is nice but there is no electricity to run the fans.  They don't work.

These are the water fountains.
I bring my water from home.

This was one of the first families to arrive at church.
Aren't they cute little girls?  Their father was proud of them!!
It was a very warm day that day but they didn't think so ... hence, the coats.

A papaya tree.
I loved the one little leaf at the very top.

This is down lower on that same tree.

This little girl was so adorable.  I love her dress.
It is amazing how beautiful their Sunday clothes can be.

Two young men, brothers, coming to church on their own.
They were very friendly and came right over to shake our hands.

This is a family just walking down the street.  I don't know where they were going but it looks like maybe they were headed to church.
I love the way they use their fabrics for everyone in the family.

These two girls were just walking dow the street.  It was a Sunday. 
 It seems that here on Sundays the women really dress up for the day 
whether or not they go to church.

This is Elder Mukundi talking to Elder Draper in Kipushi.  
He just changed his name a couple of weeks ago.  Before he was known as Elder Ilunga.
The names are hard to keep up with and then they add to it by changing their names.  haha
It keeps up on our toes!!!

Here is a nice section or road to show you what we drive on.  You can see that the cars just drive around the potholes off the road.  It certainly makes it so you cannot drive fast. 

This is in the middle of town.  I love the goats that roam everywhere.

Here is a herd of cattle.  It is the first one we've seen.  
They are not plump like our cattle at home.

I never get used to the people that ride in the backs of the vehicles.  It is everywhere!!!!
... a casual occurrence.

This structure is right around the corner from the mission home.  
President Thomas calls it our Leaning Tower of Pisa.
We are not sure what a big wind would do to it.

This is pour garbage man.  He comes to empty the 'poubelle'.
I think he is a pygmy.  We have seen a few but not many.

This must be wash day for these women who have their clothes out to dry.  
They lay them anywhere and everywhere.

See you later.


  1. I hope you kept one of the rocks so we can see what it looks like. Take a picture of the diamond rock! Also, hilarious that the girl dressing up is in a cheering leading uniform!!! It's a dress right??!!!

  2. I'll really appreciate the lovely organ in our chapel when I play this Sunday with my hands comfortably out in front of me instead of up near my ears!