Monday, November 10, 2014

Ferme Futuka!!

Ferme Futuka (Futuka farm) is the name of this game reserve.  
I don't know what Futuka means.
It is not very large but it is the only place we have found so far 
within our mission to see any animals at all.

As we started our tour we saw these ostriches first.  
They we just as interested in us as we were in them it seemed.

They came right over to the fence to see us.  
These were the only animals that were behind a fence.
All the others were at large in the park.

I was sure excited to round the corner and see these.
There were quite a few zebras along with some of the other animals, impala, kudus, etc.

I remember watching a documentary on zebras once.  
They said that when a baby is born he immediately has his mothers stripes imprinted in his memory so he knows which one is his mother.  
Their stipes are like fingerprints.  No two zebras are the same.

Look at the antlers on this animal.
There were several different kinds of antlers but I liked these ones the best.
Here is a contest for you:  Name that animal.

These are from "Lion King" - wart hogs.
They are so ugly!
And, they are quite shy.  They run away very quickly.

Can you see the animal in this picture?
I tried to get a close up for you but he is in the trees.

There he is out in the open now.   He has a long neck and is eating the trees.

We went back by this spot once again so I got a better picture of the giraffe.  
There were 2 of them but I only got a picture of one.

There were lots of these animals there.  Here are a few.

What is the name of this animal?  - a kudu?
He stood high on this mound of dirt for a long time.  
Isn't he majestic?  He is just beautiful!

Can you see them hiding in the bushes?

Here is a close up for you.

This is the female of the animal with the curvy horns.  
She has his same stripes along her back.

We spotted another zebra in another area.
They put food out along the roads to encourage the animals to be where we can see them as we drive around.

These people are our friends here, the Davis'.  They are fellow missionaries. 
Their assignment here is to be the Humanitarian missionaries.  
They do such good work and they are helping a lot of people.
They live in Brigham City.  Their temple was dedicated just before ours was.
#139 & #140

I love this African tree.  There are lots of them here and I love their shape.

Here we are at the end of the tour.  
It was about 45 minutes long and we really enjoyed it.

We stopped for a bite to eat at their outdoor restaurant.  The food was good.
The company was great!!
The Thomas' were not able to go with us but we will take them there another time.

I thought you would enjoy these three little videos we took while we were there.

I think this is a video of gazelles.  They jump like deer jump fences.

These are cute little goats like we see all over.

Enjoy the zebras and company.

We'll post another blog soon.
I'm going to try to do shorter blogs and more of them.  
It is easier to post that way.


  1. That's pretty cool to see all those animals out in the wild. Looks like it was a fun day!

  2. I couldn't see anything in your gazelle hoping video, but I did spot the giraffe in the trees! Glad you had fun!

  3. I finally found your blog:)) you look like you are doing good. Our mission looks similar:)) our blog is if you want to see some of our adventures- we are loving our mission- so good to see you guys!